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VMware Workstation 6.0

VMware Workstation is a computer virtualization tool
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VMware Workstation is a computer virtualization tool that allows the user to run multiple OSs on a single computer. The program emulates the computer's hardware on an isolated environment so that a second (or third for that matter) OS can be installed and run without having to setup an additional partition. VMware Workstation is extremely powerful and robust, yet easy to use. Upon installation, the user is prompted to create a new Virtual Machine, which will serve as the environment to install a new OS. The user then installs an OS of his choosing, and, after installation, he can use an additional operative system without the need of switching back and forth without unproductive restarts. The software allows the user to allocate custom resources to the Virtual Machine, which is helpful for those with not so powerful computers. What's more interesting is that, with the addition of VMware Tools, one can drag and drop files to/from the Virtual Machine. VMWare even emulates network drives, so upon installation, the program will pick up your settings and start browsing out of the box. VMware Workstation does not create a new partition on the hard drive, it simply allocates a given amount of hard drive space to the program and runs off a single file.

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  • Runs multiple operative systems on one PC.
  • Seamless emulation of hardware.
  • Great tool for developers.
  • Great value for its price


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